Access Bars Gifting And Receiving

Our Access Bars Gifting and Receiving events are open to Bars Practitioners and to anyone that knows how to run the Access Bars®. All ages are welcome.

New to the Access Bars? No Problem! We sometimes offer Introductory Bars Sessions during these events. More information below.

Bars trades are a great opportunity for Bars practitioners to practice their new skill. Access Consciousness® Certified Facilitator Julie D. Mayo, will be available to assist you with any questions you may have about running the Bars. This is also a wonderful opportunity for practitioners to have their Bars run.

Julie is an NCBMTB approved provider. Certified massage therapists and bodyworkers are eligible to earn an additional 2 CE Hours when attending a Bars trade with Julie within 2 weeks of their Bars class.

There will be several massage tables set up for you to use and snacks will be provided. If we need additional tables, and you have one available, you may be asked to bring it.

If you prefer, please feel free to bring your own pillow or blanket and anything else you may require to be comfortable. Let's get together, nurture our bodies, and trade Bars!


Before some of our Access Bars® Gifting and Receiving events, we sometimes offer clearings. Utilizing the Clearing Statement from Access Consciousness®, Julie facilitates the group by creating clearings for whatever is up for the group. This is a way to blast limitations out of existence so that new possibilities can show up with ease.

This process is commonly referred to as verbal processing or facilitation. This is the quickest and easiest way I've seen to unlock limitations and it offers lasting results. This creates space for something totally different to show up, beyond the limitation being cleared.

During clearings we also guide you to create generative questions which opens you up to possibilities and allows the universe to contribute to you. Ask and you shall receive is actually one of the laws of the universe.

Clearings are open to everyone. If you are new to Access, this is a great way to experience the Clearing Statement and other Access tools first hand. When offered, Certified Facilitator, Julie D. Mayo, will run clearings for whatever comes up for the group.

New to The Bars? No Problem!

Occasionally, during some of our Gifting and Receiving events, Julie offers Introductory Access Bars Sessions to those new to the Bars. This allows those who have not yet taken an Access Bars® Class to receive only.

Please check the event details below to see if Clearings or Introductory Bars Sessions (Receive Only) are being offered at a particular event. Please be sure to register if you are planning to attend.

Select event below for details and registration.

Access Bars Gifting And Receiving Events

October 2017

All of Life comes to me with Ease & Joy & Glory!

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