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Crystal Healers Of Yesterday & Today

In ancient civilizations crystal healers utilized healing crystals to balance the chakras and the body’s subtle energy field. The Egyptians, Indians and Chinese all believed that physical dis-ease was a result of energetic imbalances.

The use of crystals for healing was documented in the Yellow Emperor's Book of Internal Medicine, one of the early writings of Chinese Medicine. Ancient healers were aware that some crystals are energizing, while others are calming.

There are some crystals that can sedate and stimulate at the same time. Magnetite (lodestone) is a great example of this. With its positive and negative charge, Magnetite can sedate an overactive organ while stimulating and underactive one.

Crystal Healers

Shamans and ancient healers of old were familiar with the ability of crystals to focus sound and light vibrations into a concentrated ray, which was then applied for healing. Today, modern medicine utilizes these same attributes of crystals in laser devices. Piezoelectric crystals are utilized in modern ultrasound equipment. Many believe that knowledge of the unique healing properties of these various minerals and crystals originated with the Egyptian healer priests.

Today's Crystal Healers

Today, this alternative therapy is known as crystal therapy and is sometimes referred to as crystal healing. Many energy healers and holistic practitioners follow the wisdom of the ancients and utilize crystals for their healing properties.

Within the realm of crystal therapy all stones, whether raw, natural, tumbled or polished, even gemstones, gems and minerals are referred to as crystals. A crystal is defined by its internal structure, not its outward appearance. The size, shape or whether a crystal is in its natural state or has been polished will not affect the healing properties of a crystal. The more you understand about crystals, the more effective they are.

Crystal Healing

There are other professionals that recognize the metaphysical and healing properties of crystals and gemstones. Astrologists, numerologists and feng shui experts often incorporate healing crystals into their practice.

You too can heed the wisdom of the ancients and utilize crystals for their healing qualities. Crystals can be used to balance your biomagnetism and are used with energy rebalancing.

Reap the benefits of crystal therapy by placing crystals on and around your body, and in your home, automobile and workplace. Wear gemstones and crystal jewelry to reap the benefits of crystal therapy.

Wearing Magnetite magnetic jewelry is a very simple way to balance your natural magnetism and assist the body to balance and heal itself.

The healing vibrations and energies of crystals activate the innate ability of your body to balance, heal and to achieve a state of homeostasis which can lead to holistic health.

Why wait? Start reaping the benefits of this holistic remedy today. Visit our online store to shop for crystals, gemstone jewelry and other crystal therapy supplies.

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