Crystal Jewelry
Attract Health, Wealth & Love

As far back as the Stone Age, men and women wore crystal jewelry for decoration and protection. Crystals and gemstones carry the same powers today and jewelry can be selected not just on the basis of its outward attraction.

Aventurine Gemstone NecklaceAventurine Gemstone Necklace

Within the realm of Crystal Therapy all stones, gemstones, gems and minerals are referred to as crystals. A crystal is defined by its internal structure, not its outward appearance.

When selecting crystals for healing, the size of the stone, and whether a crystal is in its natural state or has been tumbled, polished, carved or shaped will not affect the unique properties that each crystal offers.

Some gemstones can easily be overlooked when in their natural, uncut state. Others are stunning in their natural form. Many crystals are highly decorative, especially when they have been shaped and polished.

Regardless, their attributes remain the same, crystals heal holistically. There is an enormous variety of precious stones, all of which greatly enhance their surroundings, especially if you choose them for their esoteric properties.

The more you understand about crystals, the more effective they are. Learn more about the metaphysical and healing properties of healing crystals.

Wearing Crystal Jewelry

Wearing crystal or gemstone jewelry can have various effects depending on the crystals selected. Each crystal has unique healing and metaphysical properties. Crystals are not only known for their healing abilities, some have been used for protection, while others have been used to attract health, wealth or love.

Moss Agate, and Amethyst are stones of abundance. Coral attracts love and abundance. Fluorite promotes self-love while Emerald and Garnet can attract romantic love. Rose Quartz opens the heart chakra to all forms of love, unconditional love, self-love, romantic love and family love.

Some crystals contain minerals that are known for their therapeutic properties. Copper, for instance, reduces swelling and inflammation. Malachite has a high concentration of copper, which aids aching joints and muscles. Wearing a Malachite bracelet allows the body to absorb minute amounts of copper, in the same way that wearing a copper bracelet does.

Magnetite, also known as Lodestone, is a natural stone that carries a positive and negative magnetic charge. Magnetite is a crystal that can sedate and stimulate. This natural crystal can balance the body’s biomagnetism and chakras. By bringing the chakras and the body into balance, many states of physical and psychological dis-ease can be ameliorated.

Wearing crystal and gemstone jewelry is a very convenient way to reap the benefits of Crystal Therapy. This holistic remedy can assist your body to balance its natural magnetism, and achieve holistic health.

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