Electromagnetic Radiation

Electromagnetic radiation is emitted by an electromagnetic field (EMF). These fields affect the behavior of charged objects in the vicinity of the field. These artificial, man-made fields have a negative affect on our bodies when we are exposed to them.

Electromagnetic fields are constantly moving and generating both electric and magnetic energies; this creates radiation waves. These waves are sometimes referred to as electromagnetic smog.

When your computer is plugged in but not turned on, it emanates an electric field because there is voltage in the wire. However, when your computer is turned on and an electrical current moves through the wire, an electromagnetic field is generated. Most people don’t realize that as long as any electrical item is plugged in, it produces an electric field. This is true of all electrical items.

Exposure to extremely low frequency EMFs have been linked with a wide array of health problems, including birth defects, reproductive dysfunction, cancer and neurological disorders.

Scientists have documented that EMFs adversely impact the thyroid, thymus and pineal endocrine glands essential for normal metabolic functioning.

We are exposed to this electromagnetic smog on a daily basis from electrical power lines, radio waves, visible light, ultraviolet rays and microwaves. These harmful fields are generated by our everyday appliances and office equipment such as our televisions, computers and cell phones.

Our homes are powered by alternating current (AC), which continually changes direction. Here in the United States this electrical current creates a 60-hertz field. In Europe this field is 50-hertz.

In 1995, Swedish researchers showed a definite relationship between childhood leukemia and proximity to electrical power lines. American researchers have found that 60-hertz fields interfere with the pineal gland and melatonin’s ability to block the growth of breast cancer cells.

In 1997, a number of researchers reported disrupting effects of 50 and 60-hertz fields on not only the pineal gland but also on the thymus and thyroid glands. Our bodies’ metabolism and immune response depend on the health of these very important endocrine glands. Their inefficient functioning can lead to a wide variety of ailments.

Holistic Remedies
for Electromagnetic Radiation

Holistic remedies such as Magnet Therapy and Crystal Therapy can help to counter the harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation by offering natural, safe EMF protection. These alternative therapies can assist the body to balance its biomagnetism and obtain holistic health.

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