How To Muscle Test With Ease

Learn how to muscle test with ease. Have you attempted to communicate with your body in the past, but were a little confused about what it was trying to tell you? Did you know that your point of view can over ride your body?

Have you ever asked your body about the things that concerns it? What it would like to eat, what clothes it would like to wear, or who it would like to have sex with? Did you know that your body is more conscious than you are? Would you like to learn how to speak your body's language?

This class will assist you to open up communication with your body. Learn to ask your body what it likes, desires and requires. By learning the language of your body, you can begin to work with it, instead of against it. What would it be like to be in total communion with your body?

Class: How To Muscle Test With Ease
When: Date TBD
Time TBD
Where: Natural Magnetism
8200 Haven Ave., Suite 2115
Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730
(951) 833-7879
Cost: Free
Facilitator: Julie D. Mayo, CF, CBPF
Certified Access Facilitator
Questions: Contact Julie
(951) 833-7879

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