Magic Party

If you’ve never attended our Magic Party, you’re in for a real treat!

Have you ever performed magic, and then deny it, because others told you it wasn't possible? What if you were way more talented and gifted than you've ever acknowledged? What if you have the capacity to change things, just by asking? Do you know how amazing you truly be?

If you could remove toxins and enhance the flavor of your food with your bare hands, would that be of value to you? In this class you will learn how to apply several energies with your bare hands to do just that.

We will be applying the energies of Demolecular Manifestation, Molecular Demanifestation, and the Source Field for the Elimination and the Eradication of Toxic Amalgams to change the molecular structure of water. These energies can be run on many things, such as water, wine, food, and even bodies. This allows them to change their molecular structure.

The energies named above are from Access Consciousness®. Access offers a unique perspective, pragmatic tools, and dynamic processes that can be used to change any area of your life. The tools of Access are weird, wild and wacky… and they work!

Come Play With Us!

Magic Party Wizard

Here's The Details

We do not currently have a Magic Party on our schedule. If interested, contact Natural Magnetism and we will see if we can create an event for you, your friends or a special group.

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