The Magnetic North Pole
South Pole Controversy

Within the field of Magnet Therapy, the magnetic north pole south pole controversy dates back to the early 1930s and still continues today.

The idea that the magnetic north pole and the magnetic south pole of a biomagnet (healing magnet) produced different effects originated with the research of Dr. Albert Roy Davis and Walter C. Rawls Jr. during the early 1930s.

They believed that the north or negative pole energy gave positive healing effects while the south or positive pole energy gave negative health effects. Today, many of their followers still believe that only the north side of a biomagnet offers positive benefits.

Dr. Buryl Payne has researched magnetic healing for many years. He feels that the south pole is generally more healing. Tom Nellessen has been involved with magnet therapy for over thirty years. He maintains that both poles have specific healing properties.

Polarity is a very controversial subject within the field of Magnetic Therapy. There is no controlled published research validating that either the north pole or south pole is more effective. Research has proven, however, that applying a static magnetic field to the body offers numerous health benefits.

The Magnetic North Pole

In terms of popular usage right now, the north or negative polarity, also known as bio-north, is generally considered the "healing" side of a biomagnet. When producing stainless steal and titanium link magnetic jewelry manufacturers typically place the magnet so that the north side of the magnet faces the body.

Even though many physicians and therapists prefer to use the north or negative side of a biomagnet, a few of these specialists have stated that there have been times when a patient’s pain increased when they applied the north or negative side of a biomagnet. When this occurred, they simply flipped the magnet over and used the south or positive side of the magnet. They then reported that the patient’s pain decreased.

Both Poles Offer Health Benefits

According to traditional Chinese medicine the north and south poles of a magnet do have different properties. The magnetic poles correspond with Yin Yang energies. When used appropriately, both poles can offer positive healing benefits.

Magnetite is a permanent magnet that carries both a positive and negative magnetic charge. Wearing Magnetite jewelry its like wearing multiple bipolar magnets which exposes the body to both magnetic fields. The body can then take which ever magnetic polarity it needs, and there is no worry of ever doing it. Wearing magnetic therapy jewelry is a safe and affordable way to reap the benefits of magnetic therapy.

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