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Magnetite Jewelry

Magnetite jewelry is made with Magnetite, also known as Loadstone; a mineral that comes from the earth magnetized by Mother Nature. Magnetite has been used by crystal healers since ancient times. It was mentioned in the Yellow Emperor’s Book of Medicine, one of the first writings of Chinese Medicine.

Magnetite is a permanent magnet, meaning it cannot lose its magnetic field. Today, magnetic bead jewelry is more commonly made with Hematite that has been magnetized by man. Though they look very much alike, Hematite beads can lose their magnetic charge.

When wearing Magnetite jewelry one is reaping the benefits of both Magnet Therapy and Crystal Therapy. In the realm of Crystal Therapy, Magnetite is known for sedating over worked organs, while stimulating under worked organs. It helps to balance both the body and its energy field.

Magnetite beads are bipolar magnets, they carry both a positive and negative charge. There is some controversy in the field of magnetic therapy as to which pole of the magnet has healing benefits. Get the facts about the magnetic north pole south pole controversy.

In Chinese Medicine, both magnetic poles poles are seen as beneficial. The pole required for healing will vary depending on if there is a Yin deficiency, a yang deficiency or both. Learn more about how Yin Yang energies correlate to magnetic therapy.

When it comes to wearing Magnetite magnetic jewelry for its therapeutic properties, there is no need to know what type of deficiency you have. When you expose the body to both magnetic poles, the body is intelligent enough to take what it needs. Also, because of the innate ability the body has to heal itself, you don’t have to be concerned about over doing it or exposing your body to too much. We don’t give our bodies near enough a credit for how intelligent they really are!

Magnetic Therapy is also safe and effective for pets and other animals. Learn more about Magnet Therapy for pets and our Alternative Pet Services.

You don’t have to be suffering from magnetic field deficiency syndrome to benefit from magnetic therapy. A static magnetic field, such as that provided my wearing magnetic jewelry, provides protection from electromagnetic radiation, which is generated by all electronic devices, including computers.

Balance your biomagnetism and assist the body to heal itself and achieve a state of homeostasis simply by wearing magnetic therapy jewelry!

Magnetite JewelryMagnetite Jewelry

Our Handcrafted Magnetite Jewelry

At Natural Magnetism we handcraft our own magnetic Magnetite jewelry here in the U.S. using the finest quality materials available. We use bipolar magnetite beads, strong magnetic clasps and very strong, high quality beading material. Surface gauss ratings are listed in each item description at our online store. We guarantee our handcrafted jewelry against breakage for one year from the date of purchase.

Sizing magnetic bracelets and anklets properly before you buy will give you maximum comfort and wear of your magnetic jewelry.

Handcrafted Magnetite Magnetic Necklaces

Although magnetic therapeutic jewelry assists the body's ability to balance and heal wherever it is worn, a magnetic necklace is typically worn for upper body conditions such as headaches, shoulder pain, back pain, depression, fatigue and fibromyalgia.

Handcrafted Magnetite Magnetic Bracelets

A magnetic bracelet is typically worn for hand, elbow and arm pain associated with conditions such as arthritis, bursitis, rheumatism, carpel tunnel syndrome, tennis elbow, trigger thumb, tendinitis, fibromyalgia, muscle strains and sprains and sports or other injuries.

Handcrafted Magnetite Magnetic Anklets

A magnetic anklet is typically worn for leg, knee or foot pain associated with conditions such as restless leg syndrome, varicose veins, edema, poor circulation, fibromyalgia, arthritis, tendinitis, muscle strains and sprains and sports or other injuries.

Handcrafted Magnetite Magnetic Earrings

Our handcrafted Magnetite earrings are made with quality bipolar magnetic beads and sterling silver ear wires. Surface gauss ratings are quoted. Wearing magnetic earrings may help to prevent or relieve headaches and depression.

Browse our selection of handcrafted Magnetite magnetic jewelry online.

Non-Medical Cautions Regarding Magnets

Biomagnets (healing magnets) are very strong and can affect watches and magnetically stored information. Be sure to keep magnets several inches from items such as audio and videotapes, computer hard drives and floppy disks, television and computer monitors, magnetized credit cards or any other cards with magnetized strips. Never put magnets in direct contact with these items, as the items can be damaged.

Magnetic Therapy Safety - A few precautions.

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