Private Sessions With Julie

Are you ready for something totally different? Private Sessions with Julie will be unlike anything you have ever experienced!

Julie D. Mayo is a Holistic Practitioner and Access Consciousness® Certified Facilitator. Julie enjoys utilizing the tools of Access Consciousness® in her lectures, classes and private sessions.

These dynamic tools and processes facilitate you to expand your awareness and function from more consciousness. This empowers you to change anything that is not working for you and to expand your life beyond what you’ve ever imagined possible.

Private Sessions with Julie offer alternative solutions for major and minor health issues, body challenges, and for everyday problems such as increasing your money flows, improving your relationships, being happy and living a more fulfilled life.

No matter where in the world you are located, if you have a phone or internet service you can experience private sessions with Julie.

​Consciousness Opens The Door To All Healing

Private Sessions with Julie

Julie offers many different types of sessions. Please know, there is no need to figure out what type of session you need. Simply let us know what you would like to change and Julie can customize a program just for you. Our coaching and transformation packages are designed to create change quickly and with ease.

“When we are willing to examine our points of view and give up what no longer serves us, we can create the health, wealth and life we truly desire.”  - JULIE D. MAYO

If you know what type of private session with Julie you would like to receive, select the appropriate link below for more information. Otherwise, scroll down for a complete list with descriptions of each service.

All services require advanced payment, payment links are included below. Once we receive your payment, someone will contact you to book your appointment. If you are not sure what type of session you would like, we recommend starting with a Discovery Session. This session can be done via the phone, online or in person.

Discovery Session

Access Bars® Session

Verbal Processing/Facilitation

Transformation Bundle

Access Body Process Private Sessions with Julie

Access Bars with Body Processes

Access Energetic Facelift™ Session

Cellular Memory Body Process

Body Whispering Session

Energetic Synthesis of Structural Embodiment (ESSE)

Entity Clearing

Symphony Session

Coaching Programs

Phone and Remote Private Sessions with Julie

Pet & Animal Sessions

No matter where in the world you are located can have a private session with Julie. The following services are available by phone, Skype, internet, remotely or by distance - Discovery Session, Coaching, Energy Healing, Entity Clearing, Symphony Session and Verbal Processing/Facilitation.

Discovery Session

Not sure where to start? A Discovery Session is a consultation for new clients. We will discuss whatever it is you would like to change and present you with the many options that are available to you. This session will give you a taste of what it is like to have a private session with Julie and experience some of the Access tools. This will give you the opportunity to see what resonates with you. We can then create a customized plan tailored just for you. We can also recommend various do-it-yourself alternative therapies and/or classes that will compliment your one-on-one sessions.

Access Bars Session

Do you remember the last time you were totally relaxed, nurtured and cared for? Of has it been a little too long since you've received healing and kindness without any judgment for your body or your being? This incredibly nurturing and relaxing process unlocks limitation in all aspects of your life that you are willing to change! More about Access Bars.

Verbal Processing/Facilitation

Have you noticed that your life is not yet what you would like it to be? What would your dream life look like? During this session we utilize the Access Clearing Statement to unlock limitations. We'll also give you generative questions to begin asking. This process empowers you to tap into your knowing. By unlocking limitations and following what is true for you, you can create the life you truly desire.

Transformation Bundle Private Session

A Transformation Bundle goes far beyond traditional coaching, counseling or therapy to give you lasting results quickly and easily. This bundle combines Verbal Processing and Facilitation followed by an Access Bars session. The synergy of these sessions together are amazing. If you are looking to get on the fast track to change, why wait? Book your session today!

Access Body Process Private Sessions with Julie

Do you feel as if your body is a burden? Are you struggling with a health challenge you just can't seem to resolve? Access body processes unlock tension, resistance, pain, dis-ease, aging, weight, trauma and abuse from the body. These gentle touch hands-on energy techniques takes energy healing to a whole new level allowing the body to restructure and heal itself. These processes feel amazing and can create dynamic change. With more than 70 different hands-on body processes, as well as lots of verbal processes, we can deal with most issues that exist in bodies today. These body processes not only assist the body to heal, people have reported improvement in other areas as well, such as relationships and money issues. Some body processes can be run simultaneously.

Access Body Processes

Access Bars with Body Processes

Some body processes can be run on your body during a Bars session for additional therapeutic benefit. For example, Trifold Sequencing Systems along with Bars can unlock physical and emotional trauma, abuse, and PTSD. Combining Trifold Sequencing Systems with Circuitry while running Bars can have a profound effect on people with Autism, ADD, ADHD and OCD.

Access Energetic Facelift Session

The Access Energetic Facelift is a wonderful way to rejuvenate the face and reverse the appearance of aging; this technique can create similar effects throughout the body.

Cellular Memory Body Process Session

Cellular Memory is a hands-on process to reverse the effects of trauma and scar tissue on the body. Cellular memory is about unlocking the cells from a point of view in which they’ve been stuck so that they can go back to doing what they're supposed to be doing. This process unlocks the discordant memory of the cell. We're erasing the memory of the trauma that the cell has not let go of.

Body Whispering Private Sessions with Julie

Did you know your body is conscious and knows what it requires? What contribution would listening to your body be to your life and living? During a Body Whispering session we will communicate with your body to find out what it requires and relay that information to you. We'll also teach you a method of muscle testing which will begin to expand your awareness and create a connection with your body. Includes essential oil testing, education and sampling if desired.

Energetic Synthesis of Structural Embodiment

Energetic Synthesis of Structural Embodiment also know as ESSE is a unique body work that combines the tools and energy processes of Access Consciousness® with hands on manipulation techniques targeting the fascia or connective tissue located throughout every inch of the body. ESSE is designed to create changes in the structure and form of the body resulting in an ease with movement, function and the energetic body systems.

Entity Clearing

During an entity clearing we work with an individual to clear any entities that are present. The person is always at choice as to whether they are willing to let the entity go. We also give you information as to what might have attracted the entity, so that you can prevent them from showing up in the future.

Symphony Session

Do you know that the way you resonate with the world is a fantastic, phenomenal and an absolute gift? Is it time to awaken you and your body to the symphony you be? Symphony Sessions are about energetic empowerment and change that invite you to open up to LIVING in a completely different way. Every person has a unique capacity with receiving and gifting energies and a Symphony session allows you to start to truly access what is true for you and your body -- beyond everything that you bought as real in this reality. Symphony sessions are based on the tools of Access Consciousness® and the energetic transformation work created by Dr. Dain Heer known as the Energetic Synthesis of Being. ESB is a unique way of transforming limitations into possibilities and healing, for you, the world and the planet.

Coaching Programs

We can customize a one-on-one coaching or transformational program just for you. Some of the programs we offer include:

  • Age Reversal/Youthenizing
  • Be The Magic of You
  • Change Your Financial Reality
  • Create A Phenomenal Life & Living
  • Create A Successful Business
  • Discover Your Purpose
  • General (Anything & Everything)
  • Health, Wellness & Body
  • Life Transformation
  • Self Image/Body Image
  • Sex & Relationship
  • Unlock Trauma & Abuse

Phone and Remote Sessions

No matter where in the world you are located private sessions with Julie are available. The following services are available by phone, Skype, remotely or by distance - Discovery Sessions, Coaching, Energy Healing, Entity Clearings, Symphony Sessions and Verbal Processing/Facilitation.

Pet & Animal Sessions

Are you are looking for natural solutions to your pet’s health or behavioral issues? Julie enjoys working with dogs, cats, horses and other animals too! Learn more about our Alternative Pet Services.

Additional Information

During private sessions with Julie that require hands-on body work you will be lying down and fully clothed. During an AromaTouch Technique you will be asked to remove your shirt, shoes and socks. All you need to do is relax and Julie will do the work!

Private sessions with Julie that do not require hands-on body work can be done over the phone, via Skype, or by internet. Distance healing and remote sessions are also available. Julie can also come to you; there is an extra charge for this service.

Is now the time to start creating the health, wealth and life you truly desire?

Contact Natural Magnetism Today!

All of Life comes to me with Ease & Joy & Glory!

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