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Alternative Pet Services

Our alternative pet services are like no other. If you are looking for alternative solutions for your pet’s health or behavioral issues you are in the right place. Below you'll find descriptions to various natural remedies and alternative therapies that are available for your pet. We offer holistic therapy for dogs, cats, horses and other animals too!

Natural Magnetism founder, Julie D. Mayo, is an Access Consciousness® Certified Facilitator and Animal Whisperer. Julie has been rescuing animals since childhood and has enjoyed working with pets and their owners by providing alternative pet services for years. Julie utilizes the tools of Access Consciousness® in her group and private animal sessions. Access is a set of pragmatic tools and energetic body processes that shift energy dynamically.

No matter where in the world you and your pets are located they can work with Julie. Some sessions can be performed remotely or by distance while others require hands-on and the animal to be present. We provide house calls and can come to you if necessary, a trip fee may apply.

To give you an idea of the scope of our practice with animals we've listed our alternative services for pet's and animals below. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact Natural Magnetism.

If you are looking for information regarding private sessions and alternative services for you visit private sessions with Julie.

Magnetic Therapy for Pets & Animals

Magnet Therapy is safe and effective for pets and other animals. It can assist with arthritis and other ailments. Our handcrafted Magnetite Jewelry can be worn as a cat or dog collar. To get the proper fit for your pet be sure to follow our instructions for sizing Magnetite jewelry for a pet collar. Browse our handcrafted Magnetite Jewelry at our online store

Hunter's Magnetite Magnetic CollarHunter with his Magnetite Magnetic Collar

Phone Session

A phone session gives you the option to have one on one time on the phone with me. We can change a lot in a very short period of time. The session can be quick, and may include ‘homeplay’ for you to complete after. You can choose follow up session too. Your session can be recorded, so you can always listen again. Often the change required is easier than you think. The tools are easy to apply and can have enormous results. Your animal does not have to be with you to have a session, and it can be rewarding to have them there. This session is available by phone or online via video conference.

Entity Clearing for Pets & Animals

It is very common for animals to pick up entities. Animals that have been mistreated or abused, have been involved in accidents or have suffered major injuries or other physical or emotional trauma, and animals that have undergone anesthesia are some of the likely causes of entities. If your pet is acting a bit strange, or like a different animal type, an entity may be the cause. Entity clearings are available by distance (remotely), or in person (trip fee may apply).

Energetic & Verbal Facilitation for Pets & Animals

Is your pet experiencing health or behavioral issues? Did you know that without our projections, animals would not age like we do? Animals often take on projections and expectations from people lifetime after lifetime and lock them into their body. The same holds true for mistreated or abused pets and animals. This process works on an energetic level to shift energy dynamically. Change can occur quickly with ease, and offer lasting results. Energetic & Verbal Facilitation is available by phone, online via video conference, or in person (trip charge may apply).

Energy Healing for Pets & Animals

Energy healing sessions include both energetic bodywork and verbal clearings. During an energy healing session we may utilize Access Body Processes, Hands on Healing, Reiki, Verbal Processing/Facilitation or other modalities. This facilitates the animal, the body and the energy field to balance and heal. This session is available by distance (remotely).

Access Body Processes for Pets & Animals

Is your pet struggling with a health challenge that hasn't yet been resolved? Access Body Processes unlock tension, resistance, pain, dis-ease, aging, weight, trauma and abuse from the body. These gentle touch hands-on energy techniques allow the animal's body to restructure and heal itself. With more than 50 different hands-on body processes, as well as lots of verbal processes, we can deal with most issues that exist with animals today. These processes feel amazing and can create dynamic change for horses, pets and other animals. These hands-on sessions are available in person (trip fee may apply).

Access Body Process on HorseAccess Body Process on Horse

Euthanizing Alternative - Transition or Possibility

Have you been told that you have to put beloved pet down? What if there was a different possibility? We offer an energetic process that will give your pet the choice to either stay and heal or transition with more peace and ease. If instead you choose to put your pet down, we can support you and your pet to make this sad time easier for you, your pet and everyone involved. This session is available by distance (remotely) or in person (trip fee may apply).

Energetic Synthesis of Structural Embodiment for Pets & Animals

Energetic Synthesis of Structural Embodiment ESSE for short, is a unique bodywork that combines the tools and energy processes of Access Consciousness with hands on manipulation techniques targeting the fascia connective tissue located throughout every inch of the body. ESSE is designed to create changes in the structure and form of the body resulting in an ease with movement, function and the energetic body systems. This process is very effective on large animal such as horses. The energies run deep into the body, getting into, through and under the many layers of muscle that manual massage and other therapeutic techniques cannot get to. This allows the body structure to change quickly and with total ease. This process can be run on smaller animals too. ESSE is a hands-on process that requires being done in person (trip fee may apply).

Symphony Sessions For Horses, Pets & Animals

A Symphony Session is about energetic empowerment and change that invites the recipient to open up to LIVING in a completely different way. Every person, plant and animal has a unique capacity with receiving and gifting energies and a Symphony session allows your pet to start to truly access what is true for them and their body -- beyond everything that they bought as real in this reality. Symphony sessions can yield amazing results on horses, pets and other animals too! Symphony Sessions are available by distance (remotely) or in person (trip fee may apply).

Symphony Session on HorsesSymphony Session on Horses

Alternative Pet Services ADDITIONAL Information

Whether you are looking for alternative pet services for a personal pet, a professional companion such as a race horse, or you work in a veterinarian clinic, on a rescue ranch or farm or at an animal shelter, we offer holistic therapies that work! If you have any questions about our alternative pet services or would like to book a session contact Natural Magnetism. We are happy to assist!

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