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Crystal Healing Therapy

Crystals are not only used for crystal healing therapy; various crystals offer metaphysical properties beyond their healing properties. Crystals can be used to absorb negativity, eliminate toxins and offer protection. Many crystals and gemstones can be used to attract health, wealth and love.

All stones, whether raw, natural, tumbled or polished, even gemstones, gems and minerals are referred to as crystals within the realm of Crystal Therapy. A crystal is defined by its internal structure, not its outward appearance. The size, shape or whether a crystal is in its natural state or has been polished will not affect the healing properties of a crystal. The more you understand about crystals, the more effective they are.

Beyond Crystal Healing Therapy

Each healing crystal not only has it’s own unique healing properties, they also have their own metaphysical properties. Amber can be used to clean your space and to protect your energy. Carnelian can boost your energy and cleanse other crystals. Fluorite can enhance your intuition. Hematite can boost your confidence. Tiger Eye can bring abundance. Rose Quartz, Rhodonite and Rhodochrosite can attract love.

Crystal Healing TherapyCrystal Healing Therapy
Quartz Cluster

is a master healing stone
 and can be used for any condition. Many transparent crystals can have their effect heightened by being placed on a light box or catching the sun.

Care should be taken, as clear Quartz can focus the sun’s rays and may start a fire. Some colored crystals like Amethyst and Citrine can fade in sunlight.

Amethyst Crystal DruseAmethyst Crystal Druse

Smoky Quartz
or Amethyst emit pure, clean energy and have the ability to absorb electromagnetic radiation also known as electromagnetic smog. Citrine can not only attract wealth, but help you keep it.

Selenite is one of the newer stones. Selenite attracts angelic energy into your life and can link you to your soul’s purpose. Lapis Lazuli and Rose Quartz are cool and calming and will sedate energy, whereas Carnelian will stimulate it. Lapis Lazuli can quickly draw off a migraine headache.

Magnetite can be used to help alleviate pain. Pain can result from an excess of energy, an energy blockage or from debility. Magnetite can assist your body to balance its biomagnetism. This is why we use Magnetite beads to make our hand crafted magnetic therapy jewelry.

Crystal and gemstone healing therapy also known as Crystal Therapy is a naturalaffordable and easy to use holistic remedy. It can help your body to balance and reach a state of homeostasis which can lead to holistic health.

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