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Does Magnetic Therapy Work?

People often ask me “Does magnetic therapy work?” The answer may surprise you. Yes! Research has proven that Magnetic Therapy works.

Magnetic Therapy is gaining popularity here in the United States. Although biomagnets (healing magnets) have not been approved by the FDA as medical devices, over the last few decades, more and more researchers have begun to do research and already many have proved the beneficial effects of Magnetic Therapy for both chronic and acute conditions.

Within the field of Magnetic Therapy, one of the most popular studies done here in the United States is commonly and simply referred to as The Baylor Study. This study was done in 1997 by the Baylor College of Medicine at One Baylor Plaza, Houston, TX 77030. Here is a reprint from the original study: Magnet Therapy Reduces Pain in Post-Polio Patients.

Some countries, such as Japan, China and many European countries have used Magnet Therapy for centuries, dating back to antiquity, and much research has been done. Learn about the history of magnetic therapy.

Does Magnetic Therapy Work?
Benefits Backed by Biomagnetic Research!

Magnetic Therapy benefits are backed by biomagnetic research.
Researchers have reported that permanent magnets can speed up the body's natural healing process. They have demonstrated that the application of biomagnets can accelerate post-surgery recovery time and speed the healing of injuries and wounds.

Both clinicians and researchers boast an impressive 80 to 90 percent success rate in pain reduction. Biomagnetic research has also shown that permanent magnets can restore energy, boost the immune system, and enhance sleep.

Professional Athletes Use Magnetic TherapyProfessional Athletes Use Magnetic Therapy

Many professional athletes credit the use of magnets to enhancing their performance and increasing their endurance. The use of magnets have also been reported to reduce their recovery time. Professional athletes also use magnetic therapy for pain

Skeptics are not familiar with the benefits that have been proven by magnet therapy research. They easily dismiss the benefits that many experience to the power of suggestion or to some sort of placebo effect. If this is the case, how do we explain the benefits that animals and babies have experienced?

Magnet therapy is a natural holistic remedy, backed by research, which can assist you to balance your body and your biofield, known as your biomagnetism. This holistic remedy can assist you to obtain holistic health.

Wearing magnetic therapy jewelry is a very easy, affordable and convenient was to reap the benefits of this natural alternative therapy.

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