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How Much Magnetism To Benefit?

How much magnetism is required for therapeutic benefit will vary depending on the application. The strength of a biomagnet is measured in gauss or tesla.

How Much Magnetism - GaussCarl Friedrich Gauss

Gauss is a unit of magnetic flux density. It was named after German mathematician and physicist Carl Friedrich Gauss. One gauss is equal to one ten-thousandth of a tesla.

How Much Magnetism - TeslaNikola Tesla

Tesla is another unit of magnetic induction or magnetic flux density in the metre-kilogram-second system (SI) if physical units. One tesla is equal to one weber per square meter. It was named in honor of Nikola Tesla in 1960.

The strength of a magnet can depend on a number of factors, including the size and shape of the magnet, the type and grade of the magnetic material and the polarity.

How Much Magnetism

When comparing the magnet strength of products it is the surface gauss rating, not the internal gauss rating that we should be concerned with. The most commonly used therapeutic magnets range from about 200 to 3,000 gauss at the surface.

This is only a fraction of what a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) machine emits at about 150,000 gauss, or 15 tesla.

The magnetic field weakens the further you are from the surface of the magnet. When you place a biomagnet on your body, the amount of magnetism lessens as the static magnetic field travels deeper into the body.

You would not need as strong of a magnet to treat a burn on the surface of the skin as you would to treat a muscle 1 to 2 inches beneath the surface of the skin. The deeper the area you are treating, the higher the gauss rating you may require to obtain pain relief or health benefits. Learn more about magnetic therapy for pain relief.

Due to anecdotal evidence, some experts believe that the stronger the magnet the quicker the pain relief. Some magnetic therapists have noticed that treatment is more effective when magnets are placed over acupressure points.

Acupuncturists who use tiny point or dot magnets on acupuncture points have found 500 to 600 gauss to be very effective. The strength of static magnets used in some Eastern European studies ranged from only 100 to 500 gauss.

Magnet Therapy is a very simple and affordable way to balance your body and the body's biomagnetism and obtain holistic health. I have seen many individuals, including myself, benefit from many different ailments simply by wearing therapeutic magnetic therapy jewelry. We list the surface gauss rating in all of our magnetic therapy product descriptions.

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