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Magnetic Field Deficiency

Researchers such as Dr. Kyoichi Nakagawa believe that magnetic field deficiency syndrome occurs due to the decrease in the Earth’s magnetic field. This syndrome is characterized by symptoms such as fatigue, insomnia, frequent headaches, dizziness and generalized aches and pains.

NASA Utilizes Magnetic Therapy

NASA Uses Magnetic Therapy for Astronauts'

NASA uses Magnet Therapy for Astronauts'. The sickness the astronauts exhibited upon returning home was discovered to have been caused by the lack of magnetic fields in outer space. This illness is commonly referred to as Magnetic Field Deficiency Syndrome.

The Astronauts' also experienced bone loss while in space and away from the Earth's magnetic field. In subsequent flights, NASA began placing magnets in both the spacecraft and the astronauts' space suits to help prevent the illness and bone loss that was experienced by the astronauts'.

Magnetic Field Deficiency Syndrome

The Earth's magnetic field is necessary not only for our existence, but for us to obtain and maintain optimal healthCarl Friedrich Gauss first measured the strength of the Earth's magnetic field in 1835. Since then, scientists have been able to monitor the Earth's magnetic field and have noted that its strength has decreased about tenfold over the last 4,000 years.

Our modern lifestyle also contributes to this syndrome. We are no longer in touch with the Earth as we once were. Instead, many of us spend our days in steel-supported buildings and metal vehicles, which limits our exposure to the Earth's magnetic field.

If you are experiencing symptoms and your physician has not been able to find the cause, you may be suffering from this syndrome. It's not really something that modern medicine tests for. Symptoms may include fatigue, insomnia, frequent headaches, dizziness and generalized aches and pains.

Holistic Solutions

This syndrome can be reversed or prevented by ensuring that the body has adequate exposure to direct-current magnetism. This can be achieved by providing a static magnetic field with the use of healing magnets know as biomagnets. Applying biomagnets to the body is known as Magnet Therapy.

Magnetic Therapy is a holistic remedy that can be used to promote holistic health. This alternative therapy also offers EMF protection from electromagnetic radiation.

Wearing magnetic therapy jewelry is a very simple way to supplement the body with the magnetic field required for it to obtain and maintain a state of natural balance known as homeostasis. Once the body’s biofield or biomagnetism is in a state of balance deficiency symptoms simply disappear and holistic health can be achieved.

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