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The Magnetic Poles of a Biomagnet

Naming the magnetic poles of a biomagnet (healing magnet) can be very confusing. Most biomagnetic scientists and practitioners tend to name the magnet poles the complete opposite of how the traditional scientific and industrial worlds name the poles of a magnet.

Scientific Naming of Magnetic PolesScientific Naming of Magnetic Poles

In the scientific community, the magnetic south pole of a magnet will attract the north indicator of a compass, and the magnetic north pole of a magnet will attract the south indicator, as shown above.

Naming the Magnetic Poles of a Biomagnet

Most typically, in the field of Magnet Therapy, the pole of the magnet that attracts the north indicator of a compass is called the north pole. This side of the biomagnet is then referred to as "North" or "bio-North."

The north pole of a biomagnet is the end that is attracted toward the Earth's geographic South Pole. With a biomagnet, think of the magnet's north pole as being "south-seeking" and the south pole as being "north-seeking."

The simplest way to name the poles of a biomagnet is with the use of a compass. Place one side of the biomagnet next to a compass. The side of the magnet that attracts the North indicator or needle of the compass is considered to be north or bio-north. It’s that simple!

North Magnetic Poles of BiomagnetsNorth Magnetic Poles of Biomagnets

The manufacturers of magnetic stainless steel jewelry and magnetic titanium jewelry place tiny neodymium magnets so that the north side of the magnets face the body when being worn. In the image above you can see that these magnets are attracting the North indicator or needle of the compass.

Negative and Positive

Another biomagnet naming convention labels the north pole of a biomagnet as "negative" and the south pole as "positive."

When using a magnetometer or gaussmeter (a magnetic measuring device) the north side of a biomagnet will move the needle toward the left or toward the negative side of the scale, whereas a the south poles of a biomagnet will move the needle to the right or to the positive side of the scale.

In the world of magnet therapy, the terms north and negative, and south and positive are often used interchangeably when referring to the different healing effects of each pole.

Magnet Therapy Controversies

There is much controversy in the field of magnetic therapy. Whether to use the magnetic north pole or magnetic south pole for healing benefits is one such controversy.

Whether to use unipolar or bipolar magnets is another. In traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) both polarities of a biomagnet are used for therapeutic benefit and correlate to Yin Yang energies.

Magnetic therapy jewelry and other magnetic devices can also be used to provide the body with a static magnetic field for therapeutic purposes. NASA utilizes magnetic therapy to prevent the Astronauts’ from gettingmagnetic field deficiency symptoms.

Professional athletes utilize magnetic therapy for pain and to shorten their recovery time from strenuous workouts and sports injuries. Magnets even offer EMF protection from electromagnetic radiation.

This natural holistic remedy can assist you to achieve holistic health.

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