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Mother Of Pearl Properties AKA Abalone

Mother of Pearl Properties: Though organic in nature, this shell has been used as a healing stone in Crystal Therapy for centuries and is commonly referred to as a gemstone.

Mother of Pearl details

Mother of Pearl PropertiesMother of Pearl

AKA: Abalone, Abalone Shell, Oyster Shell

Astrological Signs: Cancer

Birthstone: April (Cabochon)

Chakra: Heart

Color: white, cream, brown, iridescent rainbow

Hardness: 3.5

Location: Worldwide

Rarity: Common

Metaphysical & Healing Properties

Abalone Shell PropertiesAbalone Shell

Mother of Pearl, also known as Abalone, Abalone Shell, Oyster Shell or Nacre, is the inner lining of mollusks or molluscs (sea snails). This shell lining can range from white to rainbow color. It can have a low luster or be highly iridescent. Abalone is specie of mollusc; there are about 93,000 recognized species.

Whether from Abalone or another species, the properties of this shell are the same. Pearls also have the same properties, as they are created by certain species of molluscs and are made of the same substance, calcium carbonate.

Shells are related significantly to the ocean, because they have been part of it for many years. The ocean brings feelings of well-being and relaxation, it arouses all of our senses. Holding a piece makes you feel beauty, comfort, caring, delight, gentleness, love, peacefulness and solace.

In China, Mother of Pearl is highly prized as a stone that attracts fortune and happiness. It is considered a good luck amulet and is often given to loved ones to wish them good luck and prosperity in life.

Abalone is reported by intuitive sources to stimulate psychic development and intuition and promotes imagination in a healthy way.

Additional Mother of Pearl Properties

It can be especially useful for handling and calming emotional situations and be very soothing to the emotions. Having it nearby when working through an emotional situation with someone is said to be beneficial and to promote cooperation. It can assist with the easy flow of feelings and sensitivities to others. It can bring harmony in relationships. It is connected with family, in particular motherhood.

Mother of Pearl can strengthen the structure of the body and the functions of the heart chakra. It can strengthen the immune system, muscle tissues and the heart. It can improve protein assimilation and aid digestion. It is helpful for arthritis and other joint disorders. It can help with allergies, rashes or any skin complaint.

Holistic remedies such as Crystal Therapy can balance the body's biomagnetism. This holistic remedy can assist you to obtain holistic health. Check out the properties of other healing crystals.

Wearing gemstone and crystal jewelry is another way to benefit from Crystal Therapy. Many of our Native American Handcrafted pendants include Mother of Pearl.

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