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Yin Yang Energies In Magnet Therapy

Yin Yang energies must be balanced throughout the body for optimal healthMagnet Therapy can be used to bring the body back into balance when a yin or yang deficiency exists.

Yin Yang EnergiesYin Yang Energies

Though there is much controversy within the field of magnetic therapy as to which pole, the magnetic north pole or the magnetic south pole, to use for therapeutic benefits, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) recognizes the healing benefits of both magnetic poles.

The magnetic poles of a biomagnet (healing magnet) correspond with energies of Yin and Yang. Depending on the type of imbalance, a particular magnetic pole can be used to achieve balance, known as homeostasis.

The north pole of a biomagnet is cooling, sedating, dispersing, clearing, eliminative and detoxifying. It corresponds to the Traditional Chinese Medicine definition of Yin, or negative polarity.

The south pole of a biomagnet is heating, stimulating, accumulating, building, tonifying and strengthening. It corresponds to the Yang, or positive polarity.

If the type of deficiency is known and treated with the appropriate polarity, positive results can be experienced quicker. It is not always known which type of deficiency is present and often a deficiency of both energies can exist. For these reasons bipolar magnets can be very harmonizing and create full balance of both the body and the biofield, or biomagnetism.

Yin Yang Energy Deficiencies

Yin Deficiency

North Indications – Yin Deficiency: A north or bio-north magnet can be used for acute pains (sharp or burning) caused by heat, inflammation, hyper-metabolic conditions, hypertensive conditions, insomnia, nervousness and infections.

Bio-north contraindications - Excess Yin: Do not use a north magnet for deficiency conditions, coldness, low metabolism and weakness.

Yang Deficiency

South Indication - Yang Deficiency: A south or bio-south magnet can be used for pains caused by weakness, coldness, and deficiency (usually of a more chronic and achy nature); also for hypo metabolic conditions associated with low energy, weak digestion and weak immune system.

Bio-south contraindications - Excess Yang: Do not use a south magnet for acute inflammatory conditions, bacterial infections, cancers and tumors.

Yin And Yang Deficiency

Bipolar Indications – Yin and Yang Deficiency: Some conditions can be from a lack of both positive and negative energies. Both poles should then be applied. This approach can also be used if the site of pain encompasses a large area or to achieve total body balance.

What I Love About Bipolar Magnet Therapy

What I love about bipolar Magnetic Therapy is you don't have to over think it, especially if you are a novice or beginner. Your body is way more intelligent than you have probably ever acknowledged. When you give your body what it requires it has the innate ability to balance and heal itself.

Your body is also intelligent enough to not over do it. You may be wondering what I mean by that. Well, your body is not going to take in more than it requires. So when you expose your body to a bipolar static magnetic field, as in the case of wearing bipolar magnetic jewelry, your body will take in whichever pole, or both, it requires and will not take in what it does not require. It's really that simple.

So for those that prefer not to use the application of individual magnets,
magnetic therapy jewelry can be worn instead. What I like about wearing magnetic jewelry is that it's not only much more comfortable than say wearing a brace with magnets inserted into it, which can be very bulky, sweaty and uncomfortable, it is also very attractive!

A couple examples of bipolar jewelry would be Magnetite jewelry or you can create your own bipolar magnetic jewelry with neodymium magnets.

If you are a fan of north pole magnetic jewelry you can choose from Magnetic stainless steel jewelry or magnetic titanium jewelry both are available with bio-north magnets.

This holistic remedy can balance your body and the subtle energy bodies and assist you in achieving holistic health. This natural alternative therapy is great for pets too!

All of Life comes to Me with Ease & Joy & Glory!®

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